If anyone actually reads this, if you just need to talk, chat about something specific, or just need to let your feelings out and have someone just listen, don’t be afraid to message me. I know what it feels like to not have somebody..

Cinnamon vanilla tea, my savior.


People fall in love because of image, but image isn’t what last’s, love is.

Being depressed sucks cause I can’t do shit about it

I always give so much to people but I feel like I get shit in return.


Push away the fake, but remember who your real friends are.

I should be a therapist

Keeping things inside, hidden from even the ones you love and trust is okay, but letting it eat you up from the inside out is un-healthy.

Never Give Up- Never Stop Talking!


Lend your voice, your life experiences, Lend Of Yourself- good, bad or indifferent- if you have pain, then share it, if you have a kind ear, then listen…the world is our village and this village needs all of us, reach out, reach up, be there for one another and never break the chain of LIFE!